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Business Etiquettes in Luxembourg


Although third-party introductions are not necessary, they are recommended. It is important that you treat business colleagues with respect and not do anything to embarrass them.

Luxembourg businesspeople develop personal relationships with the people with whom they conduct business. Do not brag about your accomplishments, as this is seen as a sign of poor breeding. Building a relationship requires demonstrating a sincere interest in the country and the people. This is a hierarchical culture, so it is crucial that you show proper respect and deference to those who have attained positions of importance.

Luxembourgers are careful and prudent. They take time before they trust people and approach getting to know you in a deliberate, measured manner, which cannot be rushed. If you appear impatient, they will not do business with you.

Luxembourgers are excellent linguists and many are sufficiently fluent to conduct meetings in English. This does not mean that they are familiar with the latest idioms or expressions. Be careful to speak slowly.

Luxembourgers prefer subtlety to directness. Although their communication is more direct than many cultures, they use tact and diplomacy when speaking and expect the same in return. They will tell you what they think, even if it is not what you want to hear, but they will do so with the utmost of charm and politeness. Being blunt is considered rude.

If you do not understand what has been said or want further clarification of a point, you may ask questions, as long as you do so politely. Luxembourgers prefer communication to be logical and based on reason. Business is not the place for emotions or feelings.

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