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Luxembourg Transportations


Transportation facilities are excellent. The railways are consolidated into one organisation, the Société Nationale des Chemins de Fers Luxembourgeois (CFL), with the government of Luxembourg controlling 51% of the stock and the remaining 49% divided between the French and Belgian governments. Railway lines, totaling 275 km (170 mi) in 2006, provide direct links with Belgium via Arlon, with France via Metz and Longwy, and with Germany via Trier. There is through-train service to Paris and various other points in France. In 2006, 243 km (150 mi) of railway were electrified.

In 2004 there were 5,227 km (3,248 mi) of state and local roads, all of which were paved, including 147 km (91 mi) of expressways. Direct roads connect all important towns, and the main arteries are suitable for heavy motor traffic. As of 1995, 231,600 cars and 16,655 commercial vehicles were registered. In the 1990s, a program was underway to link Luxembourg's highways to those of Belgium, France and Germany.

The only river available for industrial transport is the Moselle, which for 37 km (23 mi) allows navigation of barges of up to 1,500 tons. In 2007, the merchant fleet comprised 45 ships with a total of 682,955 GRT.

There were two airports in 2007, only one of which had a paved runway. The principal airport is Findel, located near the city of Luxembourg. Regular flights to other European cities are operated by Luxair, the national carrier, and by foreign airlines. Luxembourg's largest airline, Cargolux, ranks among Europe's top ten cargo carriers. Luxembourg and the United States have shared open sky aviation rights since a 1995 agreement. In 2001, 885,900 passengers were carried on scheduled airline flights.


2 (2007)

Airports - with paved runways
total: 1
over 3,047 m: 1 (2007)

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