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Luxembourg Immigration Information Work Permit

EU nationals don’t require work permits to find employment in Luxembourg. Non-EU nationals must have a work permit, usually applied for by their potential employer, in order to be legally entitled to work in the country.

Luxembourg generally requires you to have a work permit or evidence that your employer has applied for one on your behalf before you can apply for a residence permit or long-stay visa.

In Luxembourg, it’s recommended that application for your work permit be submitted ‘several months’ before you start work. The Ministry of Labour requires proof that an employer has tried to find an EU national for the position and may submit candidates of its own from the local unemployment rolls. Under most circumstances, it’s difficult to obtain a work permits for non-EU nationals for anything less than a managerial post.

Work permit rules don’t apply to self-employed people, but you must obtain permission from the Ministry of Small Businesses (Minstère des Classes Moyennes) in order to operate any sort of business or trade in the Duchy. To obtain permission, you must submit documentation relating to the incorporation of the business or the setting up of a company or partnership, a resume of your professional qualifications and a certificate of solvency to show not only that you can make a living from your business, but that you’ve already done so in another country. You’ll need to re-apply for your business permit if the nature of your business changes.




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